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Seeking Research Participants

About the Study

We have partnered with the Rutland Area and Windham County NAACP branches to conduct a study about the experiences that defendants of color have in Southern Vermont criminal courts. More specifically, researchers are interested in understanding what defendants' thought before their appearance in court, how they view their experience with various people in the courtroom (e.g., judges, attorneys, bailiffs), and how their courtroom experience might shape future decisions. This project is funded by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice (Award No. 15PNIJ-22-GK-00244-BRND).

Are You Eligible?

  • You must identify racially or ethnically as a person of color including, but not limited to, one or more of the following: American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
  • You must be 18+ years old
  • You must have at least one closed criminal court case handled in Southern Vermont since 2019

When and Where?

  • You can choose from one of several secure, convenient locations in your community
  • You can also choose to participate in the interview virtually via Zoom
  • You can pick the day and time that works best for you

Other Things to Know

  • You will receive a $50 gift card for a one hour long interview
  • Information discussed is confidential and CANNOT be used against you in state or federal court
  • You have the option to bring a support person

Contact Information 

  • If you have questions about participation or the interview process, please call/text (802) 230-4768 or send an email to 
  • If you have questions about the study or encounter a problem with the research, contact CRG’s Executive Director, Monica Weeber at (802) 230-4678. 
  • For questions about your rights as a research participant, to discuss problems, complaints, or concerns about a research study, or to obtain information, please contact Kelly Stevens with the University of Southern Maine’s Office of Research Integrity and Outreach via email at or via phone (207) 780-4517.
  • Click here to see the study information sheet. To view a flyer about this study in English, click here. To see the flyer in Spanish, click here.

Are you one of the

people of color who went through the criminal court in Southern Vermont in the past 5 years? We are looking to speak with you about your experience!

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